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I want to train you to make strategic decisions and develop your leadership skills. Using my expertise and understanding of many industries, I'll teach you to internalize principles of success. Real solutions to allow you to avoid failure and to experience positive results.
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About J A Epperson Analysis & Advisory



With my help you can get to "clear air" by avoiding negative habits and embracing business building activities. Learn who you are and then become something amazing.


You've arrived at the home of J A Epperson Analysis & Advisory, a "swiss army knife" of small business ideas and advice. I've worked in multiple industries for over 40 years, from the cubicle to the "C" suite, in industries such as petroleum, high tech, not-for-profit, financial services, entrepreneurial, transportation, healthcare, and academia and I have seen a lot of the good and bad regarding leaders, vision, success, and failure.

I couldn't take it any longer, so I wrote the book "My XYZ's of Excellence" to help new small business owners and corporate managers, "Learn, Do, and Teach" 26 fundamental business-building principles to help you avoid the mistakes I have witnessed and sometimes personally experienced.


As much as I believe that failure can be your friend, it can still be very hard. Therefore, I think avoiding and learning from others' mistakes is your best option.

I want to help dedicated and teachable owners and managers learn a holistic, transformative style of leadership which, when internalized, will assist them in overcoming and avoiding their limiting and failure beliefs to allow them to become successful leaders.

Reach out to me at email: or call me at 408.634.4648. I would be happy to send you a summary of the 26 business excellence building principles taught in the book My XYZ;s of Excellence and my Online Course "One Day at a Time."

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J A Epperson Analysis & Advisory

Helping managers and leaders solve business issues since 1983

Only you can limit what you can achieve... Dream bigger!

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